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[12.08.2019 19:14] The brand new Freyma's Sticks in 4 different flavours.
[23.10.2015 22:22] New Freyma's chicken flavour.
[23.09.2013 07:29] Under the heading products you can find two new Freyma's flavours - Sour cream with dill and Beef with chili.
[20.08.2011 11:32] Under the heading products now you can read about our two newest products - original potato snacks and snacks with the taste of cheese and onions.
[16.08.2010 18:18] Now you can find us on Facebook, check out our pictures on Flickr and follow us on Twitter.
[06.08.2010 22:52] The new website of Freyma's brand is started. In the four major sections of www.freymas.com we'll try to provide our clients and partners with updated information about us and our products, released on the market under the Freyma's brand.